WASP Classes

WASP_DEMOClasses are designed so that anyone can participate regardless of age or physical ability. We start WASP with an aerobic warm-up, everything from jumping jacks to punching focus mitts or wave bags. From there we move into a light stretch. Each class usually focuses on two escape methods with lectures on awareness and key concepts of self-defense. Techniques are not complicated martial arts techniques but rather easy to remember and easy to execute gross motor movements that are 90% reliable. During class you may also be taught and practice the art of creating impact to develop the “sting” of your personal self-defense methods. Assertiveness training is also an important aspect of WASP. During class you will be expected to work alone, with partners and in groups so bring a friend and have some fun.

Classes are divided into 10 week terms and we train for an hour and a half every Monday, sometimes we have a Wednesday night class.

Although the term will end, classes never stop but continue. Obviously the more terms a woman participates in, the better and more proficient she will become in the techniques, increasing the power of her impact and increase her retention and knowledge of the core concepts of self-defense.

“Each term I will be providing new and additional techniques and scenarios. Returning women will be presented with more challenges and deal with weapons defense while re-enforcing what they have all ready learned.” Johanne Connolly

What to Wear: Women should wear comfortable workout clothing like sweats and a T-Shirt. WASP T-shirts will be available for purchase. Please, no belly shirts, short shorts, or spaghetti strap shirts. Students will be asked to remove all jewelry and watches.

Ranking System: This is not a martial arts class but a survival and self-defense system for women. Women progress at their own level and at their own pace and will receive a certificate upon completion of a minimum of 70% attendance. Women may chose to write a test that ensure they have read the manual and upon passing will receive a certificate of completion.

Want to Book a Private Commercial Session

Attack1WASP is the passions of Frank and Johanne Zinck who both hold down full time jobs. Our Martial Arts and programs like WASP are help us to give back to the commnity and all funds collected go back into Budocentral to further help youth and adults and all that participate in our programs. As result generally we are unavailable to workshop during the day Monday through Friday. Understand that if we do we both use our vacation time to do such so anytime we are hired to do commercial seminars our preference sould be evenings (we are willing to skip a martial arts class now and again) or even better, on the weekends. Our week-ends fill up fast from September to june and generally we require bookings four weeks in advance minimum.

Commercial workshops can be from 4-8 long.

Please contact us for pricing and availability.