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Intuition - A Women's Mental Self Defence

People constantly think that physical self defence is the most important part of a personal protection strategy. Just look at the States, “Guns keep people safe” mentality. The reality is, mental self self defence is actually more important than physical. If you can’t detect it coming than nothing you have will help you. Intuition is the self defence mechanism of human beings…… period. It is our early warning and detection system. Intuition should be trained and studied just as diligently as the physical side.

Intuition is that state of knowing without thinking, a gut feeling, it draws your attention to the situation. Anytime you say in your head, “what the hell are those guys doing?”. That’s your intuition telling you to put your attention over there, that something isn’t right. Ever meet a guy that creeped you out for no reason? That’s intuition trying to protect you….. are you listening?

Intuition and self defence

Intuition has several levels of urgency. The most important one is the feeling of true fear. True fear (not manufactured fear) is always in the presence of danger. The levels of intuition in order are: a nagging feeling, anxiety, doubt, hesitation, suspicion and at the top of the list is true fear. When you hit true fear…. HIT BACK…. literally.

Intuition is an amazing survival tool bred into each of us. Unfortunately as humans we have the burden of judgment which gives us the ability to squash our natural danger signals and dismiss them as paranoid feelings or deny them completely. There is no other animal in the wild kingdom other than man that when confronted with fear would spend any amount of energy trying to dismiss the feeling as “I’m probably just paranoid”. My cat knows better than most people to listen to fear and react accordingly. Rather than denying it, invest in exploring it. Spend that energy on information gathering and decision making. When a woman is “creeped” out by a man she will deny her fear and say “my fear is unjustified, he seems like such a nice man.” Do not get caught in this psychological trap.

At WASP we train both physically and mentally so our women are better prepared to detect and avoid conflict but have the skills and intensity to end it.

Frank Zinck

WASP - Tough ain't enoughWhen it comes to personal protection people are always concerned about the initial attack. The moment the tackle starts or the fist is thrown. We do train and prepare for that exact moment, like how to survive the deadly sucker punch, or the tackle from nowhere.

The thing to remember is that a personal protection plan must include all of the moments, ten seconds prior, what are both of you doing? 30 seconds prior why did the assailant see you as an easy target? Hours prior, what decisions did you make that led you to that exact moment? How about the after math? What should my reaction and response be when the police show up? What should I do days later to ensure my mental state doesn’t turn upside down?

In the end a great self defence strategy includes one that not only deals with the moment of the attack but looks at all aspects and doesn’t just deal with the strike or impact. Looking and analyzing all aspects of an attack gives you awareness and awareness gives you the ability to choose and choice could be the difference between a nice Saturday stroll through downtown or a stroll that could leave you injured or worse.

Self Defence Workshop Decreases Sexual Assaults

Sexual Assault Young females attending university are known to be at significant risk for sexual assault, but a prevention program jointly tested on three Canadian campuses suggests the incidence of such violence can be dramatically reduced with a simple 10 hour women’s self-defence program.

The self-defence program was introduced at the universities and there was a 46 per cent decrease in complete rape across 12 months of all universities, compared with women in the control group. There was also a 63 per cent decrease in the number of attempted sexual assaults, as well as drops in other kinds of non-consensual sexual contact and attempted coercion.

It simply proves that when women have knowledge and skills and confidence, they can stand up for their sexual rights and fight back when necessary.

Build your confidence and invest in your personal protection and security through our ten-week workshop at WASP.


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