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TACT (Tactical Awareness & Combat Techniques)

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TACT is a series of highly effective and court defensible self defence and personal protection workshops. We have a new six week program and we also do weekend workshops that run anywhere from 4 to 16 hours long and vary in activity level and intensity. All include a dynamic PowerPoint presentation on theory, preparedness and mental self defence concepts. all physical self defence techniques are designed around battle proven gross motor skills that are easily retained and learned in a minimum time period. No intricate martial arts techniques… just science.

The workshops are fun, intense, active, informative and are perfect for both men and women looking to prepare for street violence and have a plane for violent conflict resolution no matter the level of violence is.

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Tact – Personal Protection

Street self-defence for men and women.

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Can you deal with a large aggressive male?

A 40 something man, in a rage during an argument
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Martial artists often take their martial arts skills and try to apply it to real world violence to come up with workshops and seminars. We studied real world violence and developed a system using techniques that saved lives and were effective in the the heat of battle. We studied what works and what doesn’t. Our ego or system is not tied to any one fighting style. TACT is street wise and street proven.

Who Needs TACT?

Whether you are in law enforcement or security, an at risk professional, or a civilian, everyone wants to have the skill to deal with angry, raging aggressive and severely violent people and when the crap really hits the fan and fists are flying are you prepared? The preparation starts way before the first punch, it starts with body language and threat assessment skills, de-escalation techniques, verbal ju-jitsu and a TACT workshop.