A Karate-do Shotokai Youth Grading



Youth Classes

Sensei_FrankOur highly successful youth classes are a very important part of KDS Canada. We take great pride in providing a safe, fun, structured environment for our budding Karate practitioners because it is they that will be the next generation of instructors of the amazing martial art.

We strongly endorse a non-violent attitude and work towards building the self-esteem of all our participants.

Our youth classes start usually with a short warm-up such as relay races or other aerobic exercise and then stretching.

Then children are usually separated into groups according to rank. Each group has their own instructor. Sometimes some of our advanced youth help as assistant instructors in the beginners’ class.

Practice usually consists of kihon (practice of techniques in line), partner practice, and kata (forms).

Be sure to check out the Rules of the Dojo!!!!!

A Few Benefits

  • Great Fitness
  • Focus
  • Fun for all
  • Self-discipline
  • Health and wellness
  • Team building
  • Increased flexibility
  • Self-esteem building

Come Try A Class

Still not sure? Come and drop by and watch a class and talk to our many instructors.