Latest Past Events

Karate-do Shotokai starts Tuesday, Sept 19th for Adults and Youth

The North Woodside Community Centre 230 Pleasant St., Dartmouth

Karate-do Shotokai is a non-competitive form of karate in Dartmouth – Halifax Nova Scotia. Rather than winning tournaments, the emphasis is on mental and physical development through the study and practice of the art. Movements in Shotokai are generally flowing and full of vitality and energy, while always applying the principles of harmony and relaxation...

Kyushu-Ryu Ju-Jitsu starts Monday, Sept 18th for adult and youth

The North Woodside Community Centre 230 Pleasant St., Dartmouth

Kyushu-Ryu Ju-Jitsu is one of the most exciting martial arts styles available. It’s dynamic and full of energy and because Kyushu-Ryu is a traditional Japanese non-tournament martial art and is a street oriented style, its main focus is on technical perfection and realistic self-defence skills rather than tournament accolades. Register at

Virtual Women’s Self-Defence Workshop – Feb 22

At Your Own House

Are you ready to develop skills like assertiveness, awareness, and intuition training? This dynamic system of self-defence, “Women’s Awareness Survival Program” is for women aged 18 years old and above. The virtualized program will utilize a PowerPoint presentation to discuss aspects of self-defence including the above and the psychology of violence, physical defence, threat assessment,...