We have retired our Bully Proof program and have no scheduled classes.

Join our Karate or Ju-Jitsu youth programs for its benefits. 

Bully Proof

Bully Proof is an anti bullying, assertiveness training workshop for elementary school aged kids in Halifax – Dartmouth, NS. It’s a two hour workshop designed to teach kids how to walk, talk, act and prepare a plan for dealing with bullies. It’s about learning the psychology of bullying and how to avoid looking like an easy target.

Bully Proof places a huge emphasis on how reporting to parents and teachers is actually a strength and provides kids important life lessons while arming parents with valuable information.

Be sure to attend a live workshop for this life altering workshop.


Creator of Bully Proof - Frank ZInck

“Kids think there is strength in not telling on Bullies, when actually it’s a weakness. We need kids to understand that there is great strength in standing up assertively and reporting bullying behavior. Sometimes they feel telling is “ratting” or “snitching” on the bully when these are the codes of conduct of thieves and criminals and do not apply to the people they hurt.”

Teaching children to listen to their intuition, their inner voice, that tells them things are unsafe and they should leave the environment and to confide to parents anytime they feel afraid or scared of another human being whether child or adult.

The Answer to Bullying

“The answer to the bullying problem is to make bullying socially unacceptable at any age and teaching kids to stand up and speak out against it.”


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Sponsor a Workshop

You or your organization can sponsor a workshop for your group of kids. We do workshops for church groups, Cubs, Scouts, Brownies, Hockey or any other group involving kids where you would like to provide them with conflict resolution options and help build self-esteem.

Please contact me for rates and possible lectures..