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Grading Fee

Basic Ju-Jitsu Uniform

Basic Ju-Jitsu Uniform

This is our best-selling white Ju-Jitsu Gi. Sizes 0000 to 1 are sold with elastic waist pants. Sizes 2 to 8 are sold with drawstring pants. 100% cotton expect a 10% shrinkage.  White belt included.



Ju-Jitsu Suprior uniform

Ju-Jitsu Superior Uniform

This is a superior uniform for the most dedicated student. 100% high quality cotton, double weaving, irreproachable finish. Expect a 10% shrinkage.



Black Ju-Jitsu Uniform

Black Ju-Jitsu Uniform
(Adult Class Only)

100% cotton black Jujitsu uniform. Belt not included.
Single Weave. The ideal kimono for practicing several martial arts including Aikido, Aiki-jujitsu and traditionnal Jiu-jitsu.

Black Gi



Karate Basic Uniform

Karate Basic Uniform

Our always popular 9 oz karate uniform, made of 50% polyester and 50% cotton. A very good buy! Pants with elastic waistband, white belt included. These gis often do not need to be ironed if taken directly out of the dryer hot and hung up.



Karate Superior Uniform

Karate Superior Uniform

14 oz Tokui Karate uniform with a traditional cut. 100% brushed cotton for more comfort. Available in white and in half-sizes. Pants with drawstring. Belt not included. Heavy weight gis are tough to iron and will need to be ironed after washing.



Misc Payments

This is not a donation but rather for misc payments for something not available above like uniform orders etc. Please detail the reason for payment in the notes. Thanks Frank