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 ✅Up at 6:15 am

✅Resistance 1 Complete

✅Packed up all prepped meals and left them at work so I wouldn’t forget them daily – no excuses

✅ Great day at work

✅ walked with my boys at lunch

✅ delicious supper

Now off to Ju-Jitsu for 3 hours then home to read some of the book “You are a Badass”. Feeling amazeballs!!!! 

Sometimes your body just needs a day to recover. After my first few free weight workouts, and then first class of Ju-Jitsu were I worked out in both kids classes and the adult class I knew this morning when I woke that my body needed a recovery day. I don’t have any guilt about it. I would rather a recovery day than a cold or back spazems that force the issue. Tonight is first karate class of 2016 so I just skipped the morning work out. 

Up early again and I have to tell you I am loving it…well after i drag my butt out of bed. Not easy but today I was looking forward to it even though Uke (my furbaby) had me up twice through the night which is unusual.  

First night back to Ju-Jitsu. Three hours being in the dojo makes for a long night so it may be tough to get up tomorrow.  Nighty Night

Started by getting up at 6am and let me tell you, I was FULL of energy ALL day!  Every meal was spot on!  21 Day Fix Extreme Meal Plan and T25 with Shaun T for my workout!  Loving it…yeah I know, it’s only day 1!  ?

In prep for Day 1 of the challenge we went out to grab a few things. Meal prep underway. 

To be successful with eating healthy and staying focused, meal prep is sooo important. I can’t express that enough. Prep is key!! 


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