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BudoFit w Johanne Zinck


Johanne and her boy Uke


What is BudoFit

Welcome to home of “BudoFit”!

BudoFit of Halifax/Dartmouth was created by Johanne Zinck. “Bu” means warrior, “do” Means ‘path’ or ‘way’ so for me it is a warrior’s path or way to being Fit. BudoFit is a place where you will find motivation, accountability and support with your Health & Fitness journey. Here you will find recipes, my blog, pictures and fitness and nutrition tips and tricks.

Johanne is also a BeachBody Coach.

On a monthly basis I will host the following online Accountability Groups:

  • FREE 5 or 7 Day Healthy Eating Groups
  • FREE Monthly Fitness Challenges from 7-30 days (Core, Legs, Arms, Etc)
  • 30 Day Accountability Groups (Must have a Beachbody Program)
  • And more

It is not easy to be on a journey alone. Being a part of BudoFit you will be with likeminded people who are on the same journey to becoming Healthy & Fit or maintaining it. No matter your fitness level I am here to help you to stay accountable and work towards a fitter and healthier you!



Inspired BudoFitters

Our private FaceBook Group “BudoFitters” is group of like minded individuals sharing motivation, challenges and provides accountability to help you stay on track of your fitness and lifestyle goals.


BudoFit Slide Show


Lunchtime walk.

BudoFit Motivation

healthy apple, measuring tape and dumbbells

BudoFit Graphic

BudoFit w Johanne Zinck

Johanne and Uke


BudoFit Blogs

 ✅Up at 6:15 am ✅Resistance 1 Complete ✅Packed up all prepped meals and left them at work so I wouldn’t forget them daily – no excuses ✅ Great day at…

Sometimes your body just needs a day to recover. After my first few free weight workouts, and then first class of Ju-Jitsu were I worked out in both kids classes…

Up early again and I have to tell you I am loving it…well after i drag my butt out of bed. Not easy but today I was looking forward to…

Started by getting up at 6am and let me tell you, I was FULL of energy ALL day!  Every meal was spot on!  21 Day Fix Extreme Meal Plan and…

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