Service in the Force Chapters

Service in the Force Chapter by Chapter

Chapter 1. My early years, including attending High School in Newport, Rhode Island, U.S.A., joining the Force and my eventual transfer to St. John’s, NL, in April 1953.

Chapter 2. My transfer to Newfoundland. I spent a short period in St. John’s and an equally short period in Placentia.

Chapter 3. In the fall of 1953 I arrived in Hopedale, Labrador, where I remained for almost four years. It will be obvious to the reader that this was a very interesting posting for me, one that I would not soon forget.

Chapter 4. In 1957 I was transferred back to St. John’s for a short period and in February, 1958, I was on the move again.

Chapter 5. My next posting was to Gander, NL. Another very interesting posting with a good variety of work. Aircraft during this period were propeller driven and all trans Atlantic flights stopped at Gander to re-fuel.

Chapter 6. In the summer of 1960 I was transferred to St. Lawrence, NL, a community on the Burin Peninsula. At this post I was to assume the command of the Detachment, which consisted of two members. There was not a lot of what could be considered crime in the area but we were kept very busy with liquor work, the French islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon being situated a short distance to the west of our Detachment boundary.

Chapter 7. After five years in St. Lawrence, I was transferred back to Gander, but only for a short period – about one year.

Chapter 8. Back to St. John’s once again, but not for long. We arrived in St. John’s in August, l966, but were on the move in February, l967.

Chapter 9. In February, l967, we were transferred to Goose Bay, Labrador. I remained at this Detachment, a very busy unit, as the member In Charge. I was then promoted to the Labrador Section Non Commissioned Officer position and was the supervisor for all of that part of the Province.

Chapter 10. Our return to St. John’s, after a very busy but pleasant stay in Goose Bay. It was at St. John’s that I was approached to write the exams for a promotion to the Commissioned Officer rank.

Chapter 11. In February, l976, I was promoted to an Inspector and transferred to Fredericton, New Brunswick, as the Assistant Officer Commanding the Fredericton Sub/Division. We had a large area to cover and I became involved in a number of investigations that were quite tragic.

Chapter 12. During the summer of 1980 my transfer to Halifax, Nova Scotia, came through. I was to occupy the position of Assistant Officer Commanding Halifax Sub/Division. While in Halifax I was transferred, after a year in the Sub/Division, to the Division Audit Officer position, which meant that I would be travelling throughout the Province. After a year in this position, I was transferred to the position of Assistant Officer in Charge the Criminal Investigation Branch for the Province. In this position I would be responsible for the security of all the V.I.P. visits to the Province.

Chapter 13. During the summer of 1986 I received a promotional transfer to Corner Brook, NL, as the Officer Commanding. I remained in this position until August, l988, at which time I retired after almost thirty seven years service in the Force.