Paddling Unknown Waters

Paddling Unknown Waters

Raymond George Zinck was born in Rose bay, Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia. He Joined The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 1951. He was stationed in Newfoundland for approximately 25 years.

During his service in Newfoundland the author spent nine years in Labrador where he enjoyed many interesting days fishing for salmon in the pristine rivers in that part of Newfoundland. In this book he recounts the adventures experienced on two such trips. He also takes the reader on a 19 day canoe trip that he and Cyril Goodyear undertook which began in the village of Terra Nova, Newfoundland and ended in Pools Cove, Fortune Bay. On this trip they lost most of their provisions on the tenth day when their canoe upset while being taken through a series of falls and rapids, resulting in them surviving nine days on the trout they w

From the Author:

In this book I have related my experiences on three trips, one on the island of Newfoundland and two along the coast of Labrador. All three trips were filled with adventure and were immensely interesting. Although each trip presented its own challenges, we were able to persevere and overcome the obstacles we encountered along the way. Each trip added to our knowledge of the “out of doors”.

The first trip that is mentioned in the book, the trip to the Adlatosik River, was a pleasure trip in every respect and did not present any unusual difficulties. I had been up this river years before with Jim Gear from Hopedale, who had trapped the area for many years.

Our trip to the Adlatok River was likewise very pleasant and we were able to experience some excellent salmon fishing.
As you will find when reading the story From Terra Nova to Fortune Bay, we had a trip which was quite trying at times, but because of our previous experiences, at no time were we in any danger. It is imperative that a person be in reasonably good physical condition prior to undertaking such a trip.

The third trip, Up the Hunt River, was quite lengthy but was also very enjoyable since we had excellent salmon fishing. We were well organized and, because of our plans, were able to carry ample supplies with us. It was a “once in a lifetime” trip.