Labrador Adventures Chapters

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Labrador Adventures by Raymond Zinck

Chapter l. Labrador Adventures – This chapter gives an over view of my trip from Placentia, Newfoundland, to Hopedale and covers briefly some of the episodes of my time in Hopedale.

Chapter 2. My First Dog Team Patrol – This was a most interesting trip as I had not previously been on a trip by dog team. As you will gather from reading this chapter, I learned a great deal from this, my first winter trip.

Chapter 3. Inuit Dogs – The Inuit dogs were a very interesting species. They were able to survive several days without food and seemed to perform just as well whether they ate or not. Most of the dogs were quite aggressive.

Chapter 4. Seal Hunting – A mammal very much in demand in the north. The seals provide the Inuit people with all they require to sustain life. I read an article, while I was in Labrador, which stated one pound of seal meat had the nutritional value of one and a half pounds of domesticated beef.

Chapter 5. Caribou Hunting –Another animal very much prized by the Inuit. Many years ago the Innu felt the interior of the country belonged to them and the Inuit should remain on the coast and not go inland to hunt caribou. They felt the Inuit should only hunt seals as the Innu had no use for the seals. The Innu still do not hunt seals.

Chapter 6. Porcupine Hunting – While porcupines are very delicious they are not plentiful in the Hopedale area. They inhabit the forested areas along the rivers and can easily be caught when signs of their presence are found.

Chapter 7. Distemper on the coast – This disease presented a very difficult time for the people on the coast. In Hopedale we normally had between five and six hundred dogs. After the distemper epidemic, there were fifty three dogs still alive.

Chapter 8. Lost Without Food – This was a very interesting experience for me. By the time this incident took place, I had been in Labrador for about three and a half years so I felt I would be able to survive the ordeal.